State-administered death is always a greater horror than any other by virtue of the methodical reasoning that precedes it. French philosopher Albert Camus wrote that "capital punishment is the most premeditated of murders". "The United States' concept of justifiable homicide/Executions in criminal law stands on the dividing line between an excuse, justification and an exculpation. In other words, it takes a case that would otherwise have been a murder or another crime representing intentional killing, and either excuses or justifies the individual accused from all criminal liability or treats the accused differently from other intentional killers.

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Geno Capoletti Wilson #1306435

Ferguson Unit

12120 Savage Dr.

Midway, Texas 75852-3654 




From Death Row Texas Sentence commuted to Life

Geno Wilson was a Juvenile at time of the crime

Report of Investigation: Louis Akin, Redacted Rpt 1 6-21-05.pdf

sent November 2005

There is in this world no such force as

The force of a man determined to rise.

The human soul cannot be permanently chained.”

                                                                    --W.E.B Dubois


A Call for Justice to all!!!


 First of all , I would like to give my praise and thanks to god for giving me the strength and faith to bear this situation and struggle…

After all, extraordinary afflictions are not always the punishment for extraordinary sins, but sometimes the trials to extraordinary Graces…

My name is Geno Capoletti Wilson. I am alive in this place of the soul-dead and forgotten. I was 6 Years on death row and is my 7th year in prison now. However, I am no lesser a man for having shouldered such a hard life for so long. I came to prison a volatile youth. Since then I’ve frown into the man my mother tried but could not raise. I am a man reared on life’s Trials and Tribulations; On struggle and pain- - On Protest. On Solitude. On Tears…

There lies in me the basic human desire to share who I am and what I’ve experienced in life with other people. That is part of the motivation behind me speaking out to all who read this desire message .I miss the intimate confraternity of friendship. Have u ever wanted to express a feeling to someone in hopes that they would understand ore at least appreciate the depth of how you feel/felt? If I am seeking something in particular, it is a real person I can feel, and who, in turn, tries to feel me.

I am a 24 year old man, and a father of one “precious Daughter” whom is my world, the fire of Love that burns in my heart and keeps me going every day, and whom makes me understand with just her smile why children are called the fruit of the womb. Beside writing her often I have a German Girlfriend who loves me and try to help me the best she can which is very hard at times. She came to visit me with an German TV Channel name Pro7 to get people think about it what’s right and wrong and how many mistakes are made by government  also to see how many people loose their life’s hopes and dreams. Other than that I enjoy reading, writing letters, sports ,listening to music, working out ,learning about different cultures…I love to learn period. I enjoy receiving pictures of friends. I enjoy many things as anyone who be friends with me will come to see. I spend a lot of time working on my case in attends to prove my innocence and get my out of prison so I can get home to my daughter. Sadly enough though that is a feat that I cannot do by myself so I do seek support from those in the outside. It is impossible to describe what it’s like to deal with being locked in a cage for years, to be harassed, tortured, psychologically abused, facing death for 6 years and watching my daughter grow up threw glass window at visits and through pictures, being humiliated…and the hauled off to be murdered by the state…simply by the public opinion of 12 Jurors who had no real knowledge about Law and Capital Punishment: THIS IS INJUSTICE!!! Its wrong! Execution/Murder (they are one at the same) of any kind is wrong: IT ONLY REINSTATES THE CODE OF JUSTICE BY BLOODSHED! This denial of humanity/Death Row and the Death Penalty) is a denial that slowly erodes all that we hols in our hearts.

People see us as already being “dead”, and all the love from others  disappears. We become forgotten yet we still exist. Its like people bury as alive. I was lucky twice the past year I found my Love and I don’t have to worry about me dieing no more since the Supreme court decided not to kill juveniles no more!!!

Before I came to Death Row I’d never thought about it, nor did I (in my young 17 Year old life and mind)know that the Death Penalty even existed. An I think that most people don’t know.

In Texas alone there are over 450 people on Death Row and over 3000 nationwide. They don’t know that of 5000 cases recorded since 1977 where the Death Penalty was imposed, 2000 of those cases were overturned because of the incompetence of the defence counsel alone - - this is just a sample of cases not all of them. They don’t know that 13 INNOCENT PEOPLE have been let off Death Row. They don’t know also that 23 people have been PROVEN INNOCENT too late… AFTER THEIR EXECUTIONS HAD ALREADY TAKEN PLACE!!!! I could go on and on and on….

There are two reasons why I believe that’s many people are not aware of the Death Penalty, it’s injustices, and its gross violation of Human rights. Many people are too caught up in their own life’s (like I was once) and just don’t pay attention to what does not not directly affect them. I also think that people accept what media outlets say as God-given fact, so they trust in a system that is out of control and has no conscious.

Like everything else people need to be educated.

On Texas Death Row we are confined to 6 by 9 cell and 23 hours a day seven days a week. We get out one hour of single man recreation in a tiny cage slightly bigger than the one we caged in. We have no TV’s mo educational or religious programs, no arts and crafts ore work programs…we have nothing!!! We are beaten up and abused by the guards. We go days and weeks without getting medical attention if we need it. The food is always cold, the rations are small and many times the food is spoiled. We are treated worse than animals. Legally animals in a ZOO get more space and food than we do. Animals have legal rights to protect them from cruelty…and they are enforced. Us prisoners here have legal and Human rights that are supposed to protect us from cruel and unusual punishment…the yra not enforced!!!

I have many dreams in life and is due the injustice of the Death Penalty and Death Row that one of my biggest dreams was sparked and is now a flame. My dream is to see justice and do all that I can to see the executions of all human beings stop, and especially those of juveniles since I was a juvenile too when I arrived on Texas Death Row. So I seek help from the outside because again: I can’t do it by myself .No one or two persons(when I count my Girlfriend)can do everything but if everybody does something then everything will get done.

In closing I would like to say that you all who take the time to read my dire call for friendship and help that I look forward to hearing from any and all race, gender nor age matters. Friendship is something that I truly value. Friends (true ones) are a real blessing. Your friends are your needs answered. They are your field which you sow with love and reap with thanksgiving. Friendship to me is like that of a Beautiful Rose: When properly watered and nourished…it blooms beautifully….So may our friendship bloom like that of the Beautiful Rose…

Anyone interested in writing me can write me at

Geno Wilson #1306435

Ferguson Unit

12120 Savage Dr.

Midway,TX 75852-3654




Please allow those of us supporting Geno a few more moments of your time

Please allow us to give you some insight to Geno´s present situation judicially and our plight in helping tp prove his innocence and safe this Mans life.Geno´s reality is not often shown in public media. In fact it is one often hidden and when exposed by the media in favour of this corrupt judicial and penal system propagated by an illusion to make the public believe and see only what the corrupt judicial and penal system want to be perceived. So allow us to give u a real view of the real reality’s Geno faces….those seen and those intentionally covered up…that are infixed in this society. It is important to remember that in dealing with a situation like this…

One must stay FULLY open-minded to the truth…no matter how farfetched or harsh they may sound. Panic may resent it; Ignorance may deride it; Malice may distort it; but there it is….


When four young black men showed up in a four door maroon coloured car. All got out and spoke with Marilyn. Later all of them went into the alleyway. Everyone started

Smoking marijuana. Then I saw a young white salesman, James White, with a spray bottle. The young males who had been talking with Marilyn approached the salesman.

I saw the salesman cleaning the driver's shoes with a rag in the alleyway. The driver asked James for a pen to sign the order form, and then he asked the group of boys for change for a $50. Another black male said something to the rest of the group then said he's going home. Then three or them want to the car, the driver returned and went to the alleyway. James White returned after going two doors down looking for a pen. The driver pulled out what looked like an automatic pistol placing it to the salesman's head end ordered his money.

James White said "I don't have any money“with the gun pointed to the back of his head. The driver shot him and ran to the car end drove off.

This is the first description given by 16 year old Joshua White when he to1d the police the driver of the car was a black male 5ft. 11 with low cut hair, clean shaved, approximately 1451b. with 2 old teeth. Gene Wilson is 5ft 7", 1ight brown complexion, not black skinned as described by Joshua White. However, after seeing a photospread where 4 of the 6 photos were red in coloration, leaving only 2 pictures regular colour, Joshua White changed his original statement from when he told the police the driver of the car was a black skinned person. The police influenced Joshua White by telling him to pick out the shooter, implying that the shooter was among the photos.

Uncertain witnesses, Marilyn Lemon, Randy Mims and Joshua White were responsible for assisting the prosecution in twisting the facts causing the jury to believe manipulated circumstances because they were totally confused of the facts as they truly happen.

Proven by Counsel Greenlee, refreshing Joshua White’s memory during cross examination, White testified that he recalled telling the police that a black skinned person was sitting on the steps , had gold teeth, that Geno Wilson was not a dark skinned person. This testimony clearly reveals how the prosecutor manipulated the testimony to destroy the facts, showing the jury a false description, erasing crit1ca1 evidence. Gene Wilson had attorneys fighting to save his life and with enough time they would have found compelling defensive evidence proving to the jury that Gene Wilson didn't kill James White. Information that was available out never shown to the jury.

The prosecution wasn't the only one taking advantage of a 17 year old kid ignorant of the law. Geno Wilson's father retained counsel E.J. van Buren to represent his son, believing that Mr. van Buren was a good attorney he gave him $19,000.00 to prove he wasn't guilty of capital murder ;Unaware that Ven Buren was totally incompetent to  prepare a good defence  to save his son's life!!! Just as the prosecution used trickery to attain the conviction against Geno Wilson, Van Buren exercised his own deception by taking money knowing he did not have the professional experience. During the course of 11 months of the 12 months between Geno's arrest, Van Buren never showed up to discuss any of the circumstances with him, only visiting the jail twice. No motions were ever filed regarding Geno's defence by Van Buren who didn't even go to the D.A. office to review the files against his client having no understanding or knowledge surrounding Geno's case.

Van Buren used $2,500.00 to pay Steven Greenlee to assist him on the case. District Attorney Hawkins made an offer of 40 years in prison to  say he was the killer. Greenlee told Geno Wilson about this deal. Geno told Mr. Greenlee he would wait until he spoke to his retained attorney, Van Buren, first. When this offer was mentioned to Van Buren he didn't remember the district attorney’s offer. Because he only spoke twice to his client in a year he never took time to remember the circumstances. This happened because he gave Greenlee his responsibility to prepare Gene Wilson for trial, but Greenlee wasn't retained by Mr. Wilson so he didn't have the authority to make decisions.

Van Buren ignored two very important factors $surrounding the district attorney's offer of 40 years. It's a possibility the prosecution was willing to give this deal because they knew the evidence wasn't enough to convict an innocent 17 year old man of capital murder. The prosecution knew Geno Wilson was not the killer but could have been present when the shooting occurred but refused to say who the killer was. NO reparation of any aspect to defend Geno Wilson was made.

Factors never considered nor acknowledged by the jury; the jury never knew this information existed. This unprofessional behaviour caused elected judge Hill over district court 230th to witness how little preparation attorney Van Buren made in defence of his client, to appoint counsels Steven Greenlee end Connie Williams to assist Van Buren in trying the case; though Mr. Wilson paid him $19,000.00 only for Van Buren to neglect Mr. Wilson's son’s life. Van Buren admitted to Judge Hill that he couldn’t handle the ease he was paid to defend. After assigning two attorneys to assist Van Buren the trial began 6 days later once Judge Hill appointed these attorneys.

November 8, 1999. It all started with arraignment, jury selection for attorneys who were placed on a capital ease just 4 days prior. This isn't enough time for any lawyer to familiarise his/her self with the facts end circumstances within the case to prepare the necessary steps it takes to save a mans life.

For judge Hill and prosecutors it was crystal clear that Geno Wilson did not have a competent counsel representing him. Van Buren admitted inside his affidavit that he could not locate the case files because they had been damaged in a flood and some were lost when his home was vandalised several times end during many months he received drug treatment. During the  course of the trial Van Buren left his responsibilities to two assistant attorneys  who had just been appointed and didn’t show up on some days.

Greenlee reca1ls Van Buren dropped in only twice during voir dire snd on another day Van Buren fell asleep and be an snoring loudly causing judge Hill to order Greenlee to take care of the problem, referring to the sleeping Van Buren as an attorney who showed 1itt1e to no concern for Geno Wilson's life.

This alone, as well as the manipulating tactics exercised by the prosecution ware major factors. Now an innocent young man struggles to correct this injustice which has placed a 17 year old teenager on Death Row fighting for life, due to an incompetent lawyer who didn't put on any witnesses during guilt and innocence stage of the trial; only 3 during the punishment phase. Van Buren's incompetent end unprofessional conduct resulted in his failure to adequately defend his client. His minimal amount of investigation destroyed critical time in preparation. If Geno Wilson had had a competent attorney fighting to save his life, Van Buren would not have been disbarred for his unprofessionalism by violating the ethical code of attorney law end client rule.

For failing to follow (A) a lawyer shall not accept or continue employment in legal matters which the lawyer knows or should know is beyond the lawyers competence.

(B) a lawyer shall keep a client reasonably informed about the status of a matter and promptly comply with reasonable requests for information. (C) a lawyer shall not fail to explain a matter to the extent reasonably necessary to permit the client to make informed decisions regarding the representation.

Geno Wilson had no representation. This allowed a professional prosecutor to take full advantage of a 17-year-old, ninth grade-education, ignorant-of-the-law and the legal proceeding he’s being walked through. Randy Mims, one of the prosecution witnesses who testified how the prosecutor wanted him to help get the conviction they were seeking.

Randy was in Gulf shore Academy for individuals on probation. He had a theft charge. This is why he allowed his individual statement to be manipulated. However, Randy did tell the D.A. that he didn't see anyone with a weapon on December 2, 1998, wasn't in the alley when the shot went off. He looked where the shot came from but didn't see anything, heard an argument, ran home after hearing the shot and said "I didn't see Geno with a gun." Randy Mims was impeached by Geno Wilson's attorneys; the prosecution, Hawkins, was prepared for attorneys not ready to defend their client. Mr. Hawkins presented hearsay statements to the jury while questioning a witness claming to hear Tony Wilson say "Chill out GENO. I aint trying to go back to jail" Tony Wilson never testified in court that he said this statement, because at the time of the incident Tony Wilson had never been to jail. Graphic photographs of the deceased’s body were used  deliberately exposing the genetalia end external wounds, the swollen eyes and fractured skull of James White just to inflame the jury in seeing Geno Wilson as a mad animal.

Professionally exercise tactics planting thoughts into the jury's mind like a farmer plants seeds  explaining why the prosecutor deliberately ignored Cornelius Watt>la witness, who want to the lawyer’s office with witness Tony Wilson, Eleanor Miller and Randy Mims to discuss the shooting.

Cornelius told the investigator what he knew. The prosecutor didn't ask him anything about Geno, only interested in getting him to say that he was standing outside the car, that the incident went down differently than it did. Cornelius Watts was never called to testify by neither Mr. Hawkins nor the attorneys representing Geno Wilson. Later Cornelius changed what he said due to professional tactics by the prosecutors manipulation of witnesses 16, 17 and 18 years old under pressure of probation, willing to assist in twisting the circumstances to avoid the threat of jail; explains why Cornelius was so willing to help the prosecution create a story line for the prosecution by saying he heard everything but was never called as a witness.

These methods were allowed to happen due to incompetent attorneys end a prosecutor willing to do whatever it took to get the conviction. Geno's father lived in Minneapolis. While living with his father Geno didn't run the streets he worked at his dad's car wash. He never got into any trouble with the police while living in Minneapolis. Geno's Father told the investigator he always knew where Geno was, either at home with him and his wife, at school1roller skating, fishing or in his room enjoying a playstation. Geno is a sensitive person who cried when he found out his girlfriend was pregnant just weeks after his arrest.

Facts surrounding this case are clear and simple. This is a small description of the facts that placed Geno Wilson on Death Row fighting for his life.




(1) Geno Wilson had a ninth grade education--was incarcerated for 11 months of the 12 months between his arrest, never saw his attorney until a few weeks before his trial.  

(2)  Geno was only 17 years old when the incident took piece.  

(3) Attorney Vvan Buren admitted to Judge Hill he couldn't handle the case. He was disbarred for incompetence.

(4) Attorneys appointed to defend Geno Wilson 6 days before jury selection began. 

(5) Compelling defensive evidence was available. Geno's attorneys did minimal amount of investigation. They never attempted to uncover all the facts.

(6) Randy Mims told the police end prosecution that he wasn't near the offence, only heard argument then a shot.

(7) Joshua White changed his statement, proving that he wasn't sure about the circumstances that he was sending a young man to Death Row.

(8) There was no physical evidence to link Geno with the shooting.


There is more for anybody willing to help and wanting to know more about

Geno Wilson's  case. We are seeking help for Geno Wilson to save this innocent man’s

life and attain him the justice end freedom he deserves. THE JUSTICE HE IS DUE BY LAW AND THE AMERICAN CONSTITUTION! For anyone willing to help in anyway they can, below is a list of things that need to be done end that we are striving towards in supporting Geno:

1) Letter campaigns to wardens, politicians, etc., as well as media Exposure

2) to make all aware that we can by passing on this message of dire importance in the fight of saving an innocent man's life end attaining his JUSTICE: FREEDOM!

3) Fund raisins for proper end adequate legal representation, as well as for investigators.  

      All support is welcomed and accepted, but financial support is of most importance.

  Sadly Geno finds himself incarcerated in a system where money holds more value than an innocent human life that has been done an injustice. It is not about Justice in this system it is more like: “How much 1s one willing to pay for their justice"? Sadly, Geno finds himself facing an injustice that will cost, quite a bit for proper and adequate legal representation. So financial help of dire importance in the fight to save this innocent man's life. All donations are welcome.

4) Financial assistance in making sure Geno also has what he needs to campaign his case and stay in proper communication with those of us that are supporting him.

  Postage, writing paper, typing paper, typing ribbons, envelopes, pens, pencils, legal tablets, etc. are not free  in prison, and nor do they allow Texas Death Row , prisoners  paying jobs, or any jobs far that matter.

5) Moral, emotional end spiritual support through correspondence--al1 forms of support are more than welcome and accepted by Geno and us with an open and grateful heart. 

6) And last but not least is being requested  media exposure to educate the larger community about what is truly happening in this vile violation called Capital Punishment, as well as what is going on in these 'new' institutions designed oar higher profits (Slavery) . 

  So cal1 talk shows, radio stations, write letters to Geno, create forums, discussions in local communities, etc. We must link the struggles of this discarded human being to the struggles throughout the known Universe for justice based on existence, not some ideology that values some lives (or living things for that matter) more than others.

  As long as the general public continues to ignore the issues involved in the practice of executing human beings this gross violation of conscience will continue. People see us dead and all the love from others disappears. We become justice system is not capable of leading society to adopt a more civil and enlightened policy.

Thank you for you time!!!


                             How to contact Geno and his Supporters:

For more information or anyone wanting to correspond with Geno write him at

Geno Wilson # 1306435

Ferguson Unit

12120 Savage Dr.

Midway, TX 75852


Geno Capoletti Wilson #1306435 Ferguson Unit 12120 Savage Dr. Midway, Texas 75852-3654  U.S.A.   

“Auf dieser Welt gibt es keine Kraft, die der Kraft eines Mannes gleichkommt, der entschlossen ist, sich zu erheben. Die menschliche Seele kann nicht für immer gefesselt werden.” --W.E.B Dubois 

Ein Ruf nach Gerechtigkeit für Alle!!!

   Zuerst möchte ich mein Gebet und meinen Dank an Gott aussprechen dass er mir die Kraft und Zuversicht gab, diese Situation durchzustehen und kämpfen zu können…

 Nicht immer ist außergewöhnlicher Kummer die Strafe die auf außergewöhnliche Sünden folgt, aber manchmal ein Weg zu außergewöhnlicher Gnade.... 

Mein Name ist Geno Capoletti Wilson. Ich bin am Leben an diesem Ort der Seelentoten und der Vergessenen. Ich bin seit 6 Jahren im Todestrakt und dies ist mein 7. Jahr im Gefängnis. Dennoch bin ich nicht weniger ein Mann, weil ich für so lange Zeit ein so hartes Leben ertragen habe. Ich kam als unberechenbarer Jugendlicher ins Gefängnis. Seither bin ich zu dem Mann geworden, den meine Mutter versucht hat zu erziehen, es aber nicht geschafft hat. Ich bin ein Mann, der auf den Gleisen und Widerärtigkeiten des Lebens erzogen wurde; mit Kampf und Schmerzen – und im Protest. Unter Einsamkeit und Tränen.... 

Ich habe das menschliche Bedürfnis, mit anderen Menschen meine Lebenserfahrungen auszutauschen. Das ist ein Grund dafür, dass ich hier für alle erzähle, die meinen Begehren lesen. Ich vermisse die Gemeinschaft und den Zusammenhalt einer Freundschaft. Hast du schon mal das Gefühl gehabt, jemandem etwas mitteilen zu wollen in der Hoffnung, dass er es versteht oder wenigstens die Tiefe deiner Gefühle versteht/verstand? Wenn ich etwas suche, so ist es ein wahrer Mensch, den ich spüren kann und der wiederum versucht, mich zu fühlen. 

Ich bin ein 24-jähriger Mann und Vater einer kostbaren Tochter, die meine Welt ist, das Feuer der Liebe, das in meinem Herzen brennt und mich täglich weitermachen lässt und die mich nur mit ihrem Lächeln verstehen lässt, warum wir Kinder die Leibesfrucht nennen. Ich schreibe ihr sehr oft und außerdem habe ich eine deutsche Freundin, die mich liebt und versucht, mir so gut wie möglich zu helfen, was manchmal sehr schwer ist. Sie kam mich aus Deutschland mit dem TV-Sender Pro 7 besuchen. Sie wollten damit erreichen, dass die Menschen über Richtig und Falsch nachdenken und wie viele Fehler die Regierung macht und wieviele Hoffnungen und Träume von Menschen verloren gehen. Neben all dem liebe ich es zu lesen, Briefe schreiben, Sport, Musik hören, trainieren, andere Kulturen kennenzulernen... ich mag es einfach zu lernen – Punkt. Ich mag es, Fotos von Freunden zu erhalten. Ich mag viele Dinge, wie die, die mit mir befreundet sein wollen, sehen werden. Ich verbringe viel Zeit damit, an meinem Fall zu arbeiten um zu beweisen, dass ich unschuldig bin, um aus dem Gefängnis zu kommen, damit ich zu meiner Tochter nach Hause gehen kann. Traurig genug, das ist eine Tatsache, kann ich das nicht alleine schafen, daher suche ich Unterstützung von Menschen da draußen. Es ist unmöglich, zu beschreiben, wie es ist, wenn man seit Jahren in einem Käfig eingesperrt ist, belästigt, gequält und psychisch missbraucht zu werden und seit 6 Jahren den Tod vor Augen zu haben und meine Tochter bei Besuchen durch eine Glasscheibe und Fotos aufwachsen zu sehen, beleidigt zu werden .... und am Ende vom Staat ermordet zu werden... einfach durch die öffentliche Meinung duch 12 Geschworene, die nicht wirkliches Wissen vom Gesetz und der Todesstrafe hatten: DAS IST UNBERECHTIGKEIT!!! ES IST FALSCH! Hinichtung/Mord (das ist ein und das selbe) jeglicher Art ist falsch:ES STELLT DAS GLEICHGEWICHT DES BLUTVERGIESSENS WIEDER HER!

Die Aberkennung der Menschlichkeit/Todestrakt und die Todesstrafe ist eine Aberkennung, die langsam alles, was wir im Herzen sind, auffrisst. Die Menschen sehen uns schon tot und all die Liebe von anderen verschwindet. Wir werden vergessen und doch existieren wir noch. Es ist, als ob wir lebendig begraben werden. Ich hatte die vergangenen Jahre zweimal Glück, denn ich habe meine Liebe gefunden und muss mir keine Sorgen mehr machen, dass ich sterben muss, da der Oberste Gerichtshof entschieden hat, keine Jugendlichen mehr hinzurichtn!! Bevor ich in den Todestrakt kam, habe ich mir darüber nie Gedanken gemacht (mit meinen jungen 17 Jahren und Gedanken), noch habe ich gewußt, dass die Todesstrafe existiert. Und ich glaube, die meisten Menschen wissen es nicht. Allein in Texas gibt es über 450 Menschen im Todestrakt und über 3.000 weltweit. Sie wissen nicht, dass in 5.000 verzeichneten Fällen seit 1977, in denen die Todesstrafe verhängt wurde, 2.000 dieser Fälle allein aufgrund der unfähigen Verteidigung – das ist nur ein Beispiel von vielen. Die wissen nicht, dass 13 UNSCHULDIGE MENSCHEN aus dem Todestrakt entlassen wurden. Auch wissen sie nicht, dass es bei 23 MENSCHEN zu spät .... NACHDEM DIE HINRICHTUNG SCHON STATTGEFUNDEN HAT!!! ERWIESENERMASSEN WURDE, DASS SIE UNSCHULDIG SIND!!! Ich könnte immer so weitermachen... 

Aus zweierlei Gründen glaube ich, dass viele Menschen sich der Todesstrafe nicht bewußt sind, das ist einmal die Ungerechtigkeit und die riesige Verletzung der Menschenrechte. Viele Menschen sind so mit ihrem eigenen Leben beschäftigt (wie ich selbst einmal) sodass sie sich nicht um Dinge kümmern, die sie selbst nicht betreffen. Und dann denke ich, dass die Menschen das, was die Medien rauslassen, als Gottgegeben akzeptieren, sodass sie einem System vertrauen, dass außer Kontrolle geraten ist und kein Gewissen hat. Wie immer müssen Menschen darauf hingewiesen werden. Im texanischen Todestrakt werden wir in einer Zelle 1,83 x 2,75 Meter und 23 Stunden täglich und 7 Tage die Woche eingesperrt. Wir können 1 Stunde täglich alleine in einem kleinen Käfig unsere Freizeit verbringen, der nur etwas größer als der Käfig ist, in dem wir sowieso eingesperrt sind. Wir haben kein Fernsehen oder Ausbildung oder religiöse Programme, kein Werken oder Arbeitsprogramme.. wir haben Nichts!!! Wir werden geschlagen und misshandelt von den Wärtern. Wir warten manchmal Tage oder Wochen auf medizinische Behandlung, wenn wir sie benötigen. Das Essen ist immer kalt und die Rationen sind klein und viele male ist das Essen verdorben. Wir werden schlimmer behandelt als Tiere. Rechtlich erhalten Tiere mehr Lebensraum und Essen als wir hier. Tiere haben Rechte, die sie vor Grausamkeiten schützen... und diese Rechte werden durchgesetzt. Wir Häftlinge haben legale sowie Menschenrechte, die uns vor Grausamkeiten und unangemessenen Behandlungen schützen sollen, die aber nicht durchgesetzt werden!!! 

Ich hatte viele Träume im Leben aber durch die Ungerechtigkeit, die Todesstrafe und den Todestrakt wurde mein größter Wunsch entfacht und ist nun eine Flamme. Mein Traum ist es, Gerechtigkeit zu sehen und alles zu tun, damit Hinrichtungen an Menschen gestoppt werden und vor allem die an Jugendlichen, da auch ich ein Jungendlicher war, als ich im Todestrakt von Texas ankam. Daher suche ich Hilfe von außen, denn nochmal: ich kann es alleine nicht schaffen. Einer oder zwei Menschen (wenn ich meine Freundin mitzähle) können nicht alles schaffen, aber wenn jeder etwas tut, dann werden wir alles schaffen. Zum Schluß möchte ich noch all denen, die meinen dringenden Ruf nach Freundschaft und Hilfe lesen, sagen, dass ich mich freue, von allen jeglicher Rasse, Geschlecht oAlter, zu hören. Freundschaft ist etwas, dass ich wahrhaft schätze. Freunde (wahre Freunde) sind ein richtiger Segen. Deine Freunde sind die Antwort auf deine Bedürfnisse. Sie sind dein Feld, auf welchem du Liebe aussäst und Liebe erntest. Freundschaft ist für mich wie eine wunderschöne Rose: Wenn du sie gut wässerst und pflegst... wird sie wunderschön blühen.. Also, möge unsere Freundschaft wie diese wunderschöne Rose blühen... Jeder, der Interesse daran hat, mir zu schreiben, kann mir unter folgender Adresse schreiben: 

Geno Wilson #1306435 

Ferguson Unit 12120 Savage Dr. Midway,TX 75852-3654



" Committed to the Fight for HumanRights"

" Dem Kampf um Menschenrechte gewidmet "

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