State-administered death is always a greater horror than any other by virtue of the methodical reasoning that precedes it. French philosopher Albert Camus wrote that "capital punishment is the most premeditated of murders". "The United States' concept of justifiable homicide/Executions in criminal law stands on the dividing line between an excuse, justification and an exculpation. In other words, it takes a case that would otherwise have been a murder or another crime representing intentional killing, and either excuses or justifies the individual accused from all criminal liability or treats the accused differently from other intentional killers.

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An Execution Date set

Newton Burton Anderson 

The state of Texas carried out its death sentence on February 22, 2007



We'd love to be able to do more, Newton!


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114th District Judge Cynthia Stevens Kent scheduled Newton's  execution date on Febr.22, 07

The given Date in April 2006 was put on hold in July.

Appeal denied Nov. 1.2006




Hello, how are you?

Send you a few poems maybe you would like... 

The one friends, really only means that if we are friends & I ever hurt you, then it was not meant, that to me we will always be friends! Cats is for the cat lovers of the world, I guess that is all for now!



Newton Anderson 

December 31, 2003


     Guten Tag, wie geht es?

Sende einige Gedichte, vielleicht wirst Du sie mögen...

Das eine "friends", ist wirklich nur gemeint, falls wir Freunde sind und ich dich je verletze, dann war es nicht so gemeint, denn für mich sind wir immer Freunde!   "Katzen" ist für die Katzenliebhaber dieser Welt, ich vermute das ist alles für jetzt!



Newton Anderson

 31. Dezember 2003


Poetry by Newton Anderson:


"Without You"












" Simona"

By Newton Anderson


Why do you tease me,

In my dreams,

Your soft fingers brush the air,

On my lips.

Butterfly kisses,

On fingertips.

Reaching out to  touch you,

You laugh and run,

Catch me if you can.

I know in a instant,

That I'm in love,

And so I ran.






"Without You"

By Newton Anderson



So tell me,

When are you,

Coming back home.


Please tell me,

When I won t be alone.


Do you know,

What I mean.


When I say,

You're the best dream,

I ever dreamed.


    I just want to hold you,

Hold you in my arms,

All night long.


All night long,

Without you.




" HER "

By Newton Anderson



She's like a exotic poison,

That somehow leaves you num,

But still allows you to feel.


Makes you wake up,

In the middle of the night,



How can dreams be real.


With her,

Resting in those arms,

The world belongs to you,

And you feel so safe and strong.


Comes the morning light,

The break of dawn,

You're weak,


All is wrong





By Newton Anderson




You are ashamed of me,

And again I must be alone.


My soul sinks,

In a endless universe,

Like a heavy stone.


Free falling,

No control.


No one there,

Nothing to hold.


What is left,

If you leave.


When you mean,








By Newton Anderson /Febr. 2004


We share,

Summer kisses,

With winter hugs.


Your'e all I wish,

To have,

To be with,

To dream of.


So full of strentgh,

Sweet and kind.


Whispering to me,

Your'e all mine.



May I never wake up,

If only your'e there.


My love,



With you I'll share.





By Newton Anderson / March 2004


To touch you,

Hold you,

Make you melt.


Only in dreams,

Have I felt.


The softness of your skin,

Let me in.


It's time,

To win.


Come on Baby,

I'm knocking on your door.


Our ship is waiting,

We don't belong here anymore.


To the moon we shall fly.


Theres no more time to wait,

We must leave now,

All is on the line.


Take my hand,

Have trust in me,

And all will be fine.


The moon,

Is our final destination.


Come on Baby,

I'm knocking on your door.


Our ship is waiting,

We don't belong here anymore.


To the moon we shall fly.


Come on Baby,

Run for the door.


Our ship,

Will wait no more.


Our love,

Will survive.


To the moon,

We fly.


Come on Baby,

Run for the door.


Our ship is leaving,

We don't belong here anymore.


To the moon we shall fly.

To the moon we shall fly.






Even the kindest of intentions,

Causes someone else pain.


Makes this person,

Cry those lonely tears,

Like the heavens soft rain.


Lips tremble,

Breating is un-even,

Eyes are burry and burn.


But loke a page in a book,

To finish,

Another page you must turn.


What we think is wrong,


Turn out to be whats best.


Keep turning the pages,

Lets read the rest.


Don't give in,

Give up,

Run away and hide.


No matter what you think,

I always have a smile for you,

And I'm on your side.










Tom cats,




Exquite eyes,

Silky soft fur.



In all they do.


Always are loved,

By me and you.


A joy to see,

After a long day.


Full of love,

For you,


They say.







" Katzen"






Exquisite Augen,

Seidenweiches Fell.



in allem was sie tun.


Immer geliebt,

von mir und dir.


Eine Freude für die Augen,

nach einem langen Tag.


Voller Liebe,

Für Dich,


Sagen sie.





© 2004 all copyrights reserved by Newton Anderson - 999355