State-administered death is always a greater horror than any other by virtue of the methodical reasoning that precedes it. French philosopher Albert Camus wrote that "capital punishment is the most premeditated of murders". "The United States' concept of justifiable homicide/Executions in criminal law stands on the dividing line between an excuse, justification and an exculpation. In other words, it takes a case that would otherwise have been a murder or another crime representing intentional killing, and either excuses or justifies the individual accused from all criminal liability or treats the accused differently from other intentional killers.

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Christopher Colemann 

Polunsky Unit D.R.

3872 FM 350 South 

Livingston -  Texas  77351 U.S.A

Texas scheduled Christopher Coleman's death September 22, 2009

Tuesday, September 22, 2009 - - Associated Press

HUNTSVILLE , Texas - A convicted hit man has been executed in Texas for a triple slaying in Houston nearly 14 years ago.

Thirty-seven-year-old Christopher Coleman received lethal injection Tuesday evening for his part in a scheme contrived by a Colombian man who hoped to eliminate an $80,000 cocaine debt by staging a robbery. Four people wound up getting shot in a car on a dead-end street in Houston . Three of them died, including a 3-year-old boy.

Coleman's lawyers lost last-day appeals in the courts and failed to keep him from becoming the 18th condemned prisoner executed this year in Texas , the nation's most active death penalty state.

The Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles earlier rejected a clemency request for Coleman, one of three men convicted in the case. The other two, Enrique Andrade Mosquera and Derrick Graham, received life in prison.

"All I know is the jury never heard the truth in this case," said Coleman's attorney, Patrick McCann. "And I don't think anybody can say who shot whom."

Prosecutors said Mosquera owed $80,000 for four kilos of cocaine he received from Hurtado Heinar Prado, 34, also from Colombia , but didn't want to pay. Instead, he hired Coleman for $12,000 and Graham for $10,000 to stage a robbery during the payoff.

Hurtado Heinar Prado was in the front seat of a car driven by another Colombian, Jose Mario Garcia-Castro, 33, when they met the three men at the end of a Houston street in the early morning hours of Dec. 14, 1995. Elsie Prado, Prado's sister and Garcia-Castro's girlfriend, and her son, Danny Giraldo, were in the back seat.

Testimony showed that Coleman approached the passenger side of the car, said something to the two men in the front and opened fire. Only Elsie Prado survived. She identified Coleman as the gunman.

Ballistics tests showed that all 11 shots were fired from outside the passenger side of the car. Testimony showed that Mosquero was standing near the front of the driver's side and Graham was in front of the car.

Coleman was arrested at a motel in Lawrenceburg , Tenn. , a week later. He told police he was at the shooting scene but denied being the gunman. At his trial, Coleman's lawyers argued he was not the gunman.

Coleman's appeals attorneys argued that Elsie Prado's testimony at his 1997 trial was not truthful, that she lied about her involvement in the drug deal and that she failed to disclose that she and Mosquera knew each other and grew up in the same neighborhood in Cali , Colombia .

The 5th Circuit ruled last week that jurors could have found Coleman guilty of capital murder even without the woman's testimony.

"There was substantial evidence, independent of Prado's testimony, that Coleman was present at the scene of the murders and participated in the robbery that led to the killings," the court said.

Coleman had no previous prison record but served 60 days in jail in Harris County for assault. He refused to speak with reporters in the weeks before his scheduled execution.

His execution was one of two set for this week in Texas


Ein offener Brief...Heute ist Dienstag, der 20. Januar 2004 und am heutigen Morgen erhielt ich einen Brief mit der Information, ... Ich kann bis zu meinem Ende nicht aufgeben.

An open letter... Today is Tues. January 20, 2004 and this morning I received a letter informing me that,  .... I can never give up until the end of me.

An open letter...

       Today is Tues. January 20, 2004 and this morning I received a letter informing me that my lead appeal lawyer was no longer on my case. What was shocking to me was he never wrote me in the last 12 months although I had repeatedly written him inquiring about my case.

        I last wrote him in November 2003 concerning not only the current status of my case but also to see if he had corrected some errors in my writ along with new info to add to already preserved issues.

        Well today I'm starting off hoping to build some sort of understand with the 2nd chair counsel who has taken over my appeal. This lawyer notifed me in a letter this morning that the state has responded to my writ - I find the timing suspect as I've been waiting is month already but the state waits until my lead lawyer is no longer on my case.

         It kinda puts me in a bind because I really don't know how familiar my 2nd counsel is with my case. Plus I don't know if my original lawyer ever informed the 2nd counsel of all I've written him about over the last 12 month!

         Some of you may have wondered why times I've not been communicative. Well at times my financial status didn't permit me to write due to lack of stamps and at other times having to deal with things of this nature made me focus on trying to find a remedy to that which I viewed as a growing problem. That is having to deal with court appointed lawyers!

         I'm not one to buy into the nice talk, because the streets taught me to pay attention to actions.   All of which show no interest in my condition. But for me to say this and not come across as a hypocite - I'll only say it's hard for me living on death row an not put " all " my focus on saving my life. I feel anyone of you would and "should" do the same thing.

          I know I've not been the most attentive to some but at the same time I've been very determined to save my Life! Which the most important thing to me because it I was to lose hope and accept death then what matter? It life didn't matter to me would anyone expect any thing else to matter?

          All i will say is: I'm striving to Live and continue LIVING not die on death row! Do I get discouraged? Yeah sometimes! Am I frustrated? Yes often  but nevertheless my determination forces me to press-on and keep moving. Seeking assistance in whatever form I can get it in.

           Letter after letter - plea after plea!

I can never give up until the end of me.

 I am

Christopher B. Coleman

# 999239 


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Ein offener Brief


Heute ist Dienstag, der 20. Januar 2004 und am heutigen Morgen erhielt ich einen Brief mit der Information, dass mein Hauptanwalt für die Berufung sein Mandat niedergelegt hat. Was so schockierend daran war ist, dass er mir nicht einmal in den letzten 12 Monaten geschrieben hat obwohl ich Ihm mehrmals schriftlich bat, mir den Stand in meinem Fall mitzuteilen.


Zuletzt schrieb ich ihm im November 2003. Nicht nur um den aktuellen Stand zu erfahren, sondern auch wissen wollte, ob er einige Fehler in meiner Verfügung korrigiert und neue Informationen dem bereits geschriebenen Dokument zugefügt hat. zugefügt hat.


Nun gut, heute beginne ich von neuem die Hoffnung, irgend eine Art der Verständigung mit meinem neuen Vorsitzenden Anwalt zu finden, der jetzt meine Verteidigung in der Berufung übernimmt. Dieser Anwalt informierte mich heute morgen in einem Brief darüber, dass der Staat auf meine Verfügung reagiert hat aber ich finde jedoch die lange Zeit seltsam, da ich bereits seit Monaten darauf warte, aber der Staat wartet, bis mein vorsitzender Anwalt meinen Fall niedergelegt hat.


Das setzt mich etwas unter Druck weil ich wirklich nicht weiß, wie vertraut mein 2. Anwalt mit meinem Fall ist. Außerdem weiß ich nicht, ob mein erster Anwalt meinem jetzigen Anwalt je irgendwelche Schreiben übergeben hat seit den letzten Monaten, oder informiert hat!


Einige von Euch mögen sich darüber wundern, weshalb ich nicht sehr kommunikativ war. Also, zu Zeiten lässt meine finanzielle Situation nicht zu, dass ich Briefe schreibe, weil ich keine Briefmarken habe und ein anderes mal versteifte ich mich darauf, in diesem Problem, das immer größer wurde, eine Lösung zu finden. Nähmlich mich mit den Pflichtverteidigern  abzugeben!


Ich bin keiner, der seichte Gespräche hinnimmt, denn das Leben auf der  Straße brachte mir bei, Dinge zu beobachten. Und alles zeigt mir, dass keiner Interesse an meiner Situation zeigt.  Ich sage das, ohne verrückt klingen zu wollen, - es ist hart für mich im Todestrakt zu leben ohne all meine Kraft daran zu geben, mein Leben zu retten. Ich denke, dass jeder von Euch das gleiche tun würde und auch sollte.


Ich weiß, dass ich manchen Dingen nicht all meine Aufmerksamkeit gegeben habe, aber gleichzeitig war ich sehr bemüht, mein Leben zu retten! Es ist das wichtigste für mich, denn wenn ich die Hoffnung verlieren würde und den Tod akzeptiere, was macht dann noch einen Sinn? Wenn das Leben für mich keinen Sinn mehr machen würde, was dann?


Alles was ich sagen will: Ich kämpfe ums Überleben und werde weitermachen. LEBEN! Nicht sterben im Todestrakt! Verliere ich die Hoffnung? Ja, manchmal! Bin ich frustriert? Ja oft, aber nichts desto Trotz, meine Entschlossenheit zwingt mich, weiterzumachen.  Ich suche Hilfe in welcher Art auch immer ich sie kriegen kann.


Einen Brief nach dem anderen - ein Unschuldsbekenntnis nach dem anderen!


Ich kann bis zu meinem Ende nicht aufgeben.


Ich bin


Christopher B. Coleman