State-administered death is always a greater horror than any other by virtue of the methodical reasoning that precedes it. French philosopher Albert Camus wrote that "capital punishment is the most premeditated of murders". "The United States' concept of justifiable homicide/Executions in criminal law stands on the dividing line between an excuse, justification and an exculpation. In other words, it takes a case that would otherwise have been a murder or another crime representing intentional killing, and either excuses or justifies the individual accused from all criminal liability or treats the accused differently from other intentional killers.

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How are the rules, conditions on DR Arizona? By Steven Newell
Wie sind  die Regel, Konditionen im Todestrakt Arizona? 
Conditions in Mansfield Ohio- Move to "Supermax" By Michael R. Turner


Steven Newell  #183736

Arizona State Prison SMU II
P.O.  Box 3400
Florence, AZ 85232-3400, USA

Well, here in Arizona Death Row is completly locked down single man cells, we have what we call cluster, its a U. Shape of Hallways there are 6 pods 10 cells per pod 5 on the top 5 on bottom and three times a week you got wreck and shower whreck is like a small racket ball court really small and you only get a blue hand ball, you get a hour and a half or less your choice and after you take a shower then back to your cell.

On canteen we have TV's, walkman's, lamps, electric shavers, digital clock and various food and Hygene Items, I will enclose one of our list (see below) for you. We get 3 meals a day 2 hot and one bag lunch; will also enclose an old menu we have the same menu over and over.

Nothing happens that much in here in the pod I'm in its lay'd back, we don't fight at all I keep in my self and don't talk to no one I watch TV or listen to the radio and breack dance in my cell all day ... 

Well there is nothing else to do in here but watch TV or write or read, I try to be active during the day but still stay up till like 3 in the morning, I listen my radio trying to catch a singer by the name Sade Ado, I love her voice, she cames on our cool Jazz stations I also get to see her at one of her concerts threw the prison station TV they play recording of music videos and concerts so I get to listen and see her like twice a month. She's beautiful....

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Wie sind die Regeln und Bedingungen im Todestrakt von Arizona?

Steven Newell  #183736

Arizona State Prison SMU II

P.O.  Box 3400

Florence, AZ 85232-3400, USA

Also hier im Todestrakt von Arizona gibt es nur Einzelzellen und ist ständig eingesperrt und wir haben, was wir Traube nennen, was ein U-förmiges Stockwerk ist und da sind 6 Abteilungen, 10 Zellen pro Abteilung, 5 oben und 5 unten. Drei mal pro Woche haben wir Hofgang und können duschen. Hofgang ist in einem kleinen Gelände wie ein Racketball-Feld, wirklich klein, und da bekommt man einen kleinen, blauen Handball und dann hast du 1 Stunde und 30 Minuten oder weniger, wenn man will, und wenn man geduscht hat, kommt man zurück in die Zelle.

In der Kantine haben wir Fernseher, Walkman's, Lampen, elektrische Rasierer, digitale Uhren, verschiedene Lebensmittel und Hygieneartikel. Ich lege eine unserer Listen bei. Wir bekommen 3 Mahlzeiten am Tag, 2 warme und eine Brotzeit; lege auch einen älteren Menüplan bei, aus dem zu sehen ist, dass wir das gleiche Essen immer wieder bekommen.

Hier im Trakt passiert nicht viel. Ich bin hier für mich alleine, wir kämpfen überhaupt nicht und ich bleibe für mich und spreche mit niemandem. Ich schaue fern oder höre Radio und mache Breakdance in meiner Zelle den ganzen Tag…..

Also, hier gibt es außer fernsehen, schreiben oder lesen den ganzen Tag nichts zu tun. Ich versuche am Tag aktiv zu sein und bin dennoch bis 3 Uhr morgens wach. Ich höre mein Radio um einen Sänger namens Sade Ado zu hören. Ich liebe ihre Stimme und sie kommt in einem lokalen coolen Jazz-Sender. Ich habe sie auch einmal in einem Gefängnis-Kanal gesehen. Da gibt es Aufnahmen von Musikvideos und Konzerten, wo ich sie dann zweimal im Monat sehen kann. Sie  ist wunderbar….


Michael R. Turner A438-811

P.O. Box #788

Mansfield, OHIO 44901 


Death Row Is Moving On

June 15, 2005

I'm left in complete astronishment regarding the relevancy of our anticipated transfer tothe supermaximum-security prison at Youngstown Ohio. I to remain to be convinced that the conditions will be anything similar to here (Mansfield).

That detailed institution was purposely designed for the sole intention of extreme punishment or disciplinary actions toward particular individuals whom refuse to submit to the rules and regulations as stipulated upon by the prodigious state of Ohio.

Violating none of these standarts of conduct placed upon me by this administration, it's impossible for me to comperhend why I'm being relocated to such an atrocious place as the supermaximum-security prison purposely designed for wrong doers throughout the penal system. I've done absolutely nothing since becoming incarcerated to be so drasticly punished. I comply to all rules and regulations, I truly desire no trouble.

Currently our situation here at Mansfield is bleck at best. We're subjected to numerous restrictions and priveleges are seriously minimized , which is quiet appropriate granting the questionable natur of our indignities. But should we be relocated to the supermaximum-security prison  that was intentionaly designed to punish individuals for misbehavior I actually don't think so. To me its similar to pronouncing a particular judgement against an individual then often he serves a portion of it they just up and decide to increase his punishment for no apparent reason and that my friend just isn't right. We shouldn't be the recipient of unmerited punishment.

Personally , I extremely crave the preponderate gratification procured only by smoking a cigarette. I've indulged smoking for a prolonged interval of none than thirdty-five years and the mere insinuation of discontinuation frankly terrifies me into dismay.

Once I was involuntarily compelled into an intermission and insanity expanded throughout my entire dreadful existences. I've never experienced such agonizing punishment before in my entire existences as the withdraw of nicotine. Sixteen long dreadful months elapsed at a snails pace without the gratification of smoke and my crawings was a robust the final moment of that particular period of time as it was in the very beginning. My exeeding desire never weakened the slightest. I procured cigarettes at my earliest opportunity and have continued to satisfy  my craving until this very moment.

The only way that an individuals privileges can be revoked is through a disciplinary action and a disciplinary action is only utilized when an individual violates the rules and is deposited into isolation (better known as the Hole) as punsihment.

I peaceablely submit to all rules, therefore I'm permitted to smoke. Smoking is essential to me and I would in no way jeopardize that. I desire smoking above all of my limited privileges. It just isn't right to demand me to cess smoking only because they desire to transfer me to a tabacco free environment. I personally have no such desire as to ever cess from smiking.

Your message posted June 07, 2005 said; Subject: Ohio- Supermax warden promises no extra restrictions on DR. If demanding us to stop smoking isn't a restriction, then just what the heck is it? I feel that this is only one of the many restrictions we are sure to endure.

My previleges are already extremely limited so please don't take from me. 


Michael R. Turner




" Committed to the Fight for HumanRights"

" Dem Kampf um Menschenrechte gewidmet "

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